Rustic or Modern Mountain Design – Which is the Better Choice?

The deck entertainment area of a new log house. Scenic mountains in the distance

Mountain architecture is always beautiful, but many times it is also sustainable. If you have ever owned or wanted to own a mountain home, now is the time. Centre Sky Architecture provides sustainable mountain architecture like no other. We understand the difficulties that come with mountain home designs, and we have adapted over the year, creating beautiful, sustainable mountain homes for you and your family.

Rustic or Modern?

When it comes to mountain architecture design, the sky is the limit. Once upon a time, rustic log cabins were what came to mind when someone thought of living in the mountains, but that is no longer the case. With today’s advances in architecture and sustainable energy, Centre Sky Architecture has taken mountain design to the next level. Our team can create rustic and modern mountain homes that flow with the mountain terrain.

Rustic mountain homes will always be a favorite, but instead of the typical log cabin look, we can now create open floor plans with gorgeous views that fit rustic designs. Centre Sky Architecture also creates modern mountain home designs that meet the ever-changing want for sustainable energy, beautiful views, and open area floor plans.

When we are asked if modern or rustic is the better choice, we answer with, “the choice is yours.” Our team of architects can design traditional, rustic, and modern mountain homes to fit your needs and wants. Our job is to create a style you wish for, that can withstand the harsh mountain weather while being sustainable.

If you are dreaming of your mountain property, contact Centre Sky Architecture. Our team would love to design and build your mountain dream home! We take your ideas and turn them into a reality, a stunning reality that you can appreciate for years to come!