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The rendering above is of our current project called South Fork 12 in Big Sky, Montana. This townhouse is a smaller scale project of ours with modern forms and a rustic exterior material palette. A perfect blend for a fast developing community going from ski/golf seasons to a year round population.

Here is what our client and builder has to say about the process in working with us on this project:

I’ve seen hundreds of home plans and had a pretty good idea of what I wanted. Jamie did a stellar job of taking basic the floor plan layout I was looking for and turning it into something more than the sum of its parts.

I was stuck on the entry massing without really knowing why and Jamie did a quick sketch that really made it come together. He brought visual cues that highlight the entry to draw your attention as well as create continuity between the main house forms. Just this one sketch is case in point why Jamie is a master of balancing form with function. Blending aesthetics and living into something you get emotional about when you experience it is truly an art.

 Centre Sky is the only firm I would trust to design my upcoming projects.


[CLICK HERE] to see this project under construction.


Centre Sky Architecture _ Architect Big Sky _ Jamie Daugaard

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