Silverthorne – Colorado Custom Green Residence

Silverthorne is our current project located in Guffey, Colorado. The overall design of Silverthorne has been greatly influenced by its steep, severe site. The form and program has effortlessly integrated into the natural topography of the site, terracing and burrowing into the site.

A green roof allows part of the structure to blend into the natural grasses onsite. The garage burrows into the hillside and is topped with a green roof. Another green strategy implemented into the design is the use of a SIP system for the exterior walls and roof system. For the Silverthorne project, we chose to use expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation, which has a higher overall R-value  (thermal resistance) than traditional construction methods. The overall R-value of a building assembly includes the effect of thermal bridges as a result of framing members and is a measure of its ability to resist heat flow.

The aesthetics of this project is mountain rustic with hints of modern. We have stripped the exterior of elaborate details, sure as window and door trim. This creates an non fussy, clean lined exterior. The “hint of modern” design carries into the interior of the design. The horizontal lines incorporated into the hearths of Silverthorne bring a subtle modern aesthetic. Horizontal lines are carried into the kitchen with a simple, copper cap above the cabinets.

Below is the final exterior render, as well as the final interior rendering. We are all very pleased with how this Colorado custom home is turning out!


Colorado and Montana Architect _ Jamie Daugaard _ Centre Sky Architecture

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