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Sample Site Discovery

Centre Sky Architecture can help you purchase the best lot!

Helping clients visualize the possibilities of building their future home on a site they are thinking of purchasing or just purchased can be challenging. You might be deciding between multiple lots, making the process even more complex. Centre Sky Architecture can be a great asset by providing our Initial Site Discovery process! This process is based on thoughtful, experience filled, and factual observations to help clients make a decision in an efficient and timely manner. With offices in Big Sky & Bozeman, Montana; Denver, Colorado; and Park City, Utah we are ready to help you design your dream home across the Rock Mountain West!

Our Initial Site Discovery process could entail several or all of the following options:

  • CSA team visiting site options with the client, evaluating each lot, and then walking through the pros and cons of each lot with the client.
  • Create a Site Diagnostic for the lot that includes view corridors, placement of the project footprint, and bubble diagram of the potential layout.
  • Provide photos, videos, and drone footage of lot and views
  • Coordinate with a Geotechnical Engineer for a Geotechnical Investigation Report.
  • Coordinate with a Civil Engineer for the Topographical Survey.

As part of Centre Sky’s Initial Site Discovery process, we can help make this experience more visually impactful, resulting in an increased level of confidence and excitement in their decision.

The next step is the continue to develop these very schematic designs. Programming gives a rough layout of what rooms will be included on each floor and approximate square footages. This is a great tool to determine what spaces are most important to a client right away. The programming will give insight on how many square feet the house will be, which gives an idea on price and budget. This is an important step early in the design phase.

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