Sustainability and Your Mountain Home – Designs to Fit Your Lifestyle

Landscape with river stream and houses

If you have finally decided to commit to designing and building your mountain home, Centre Sky Architecture is the number one sustainable mountain architecture design company in the area. Our certified and knowledgeable design team works with our clients to provide them with sustainable architecture designs that fit their lifestyles. Each client is distinctive and has different wants and needs, at Centre Sky Architecture, we make it our job to turn those wants and needs into a reality.

Mountain homes are a dream for many, but now they are more affordable and can be built to fit your budget. Some want to live in the mountains, while others want to build a vacation home. Whatever the case, our team can work with you to create the perfect sustainable mountain home. Each mountain home we create is unique and geared towards the client and the landscapes of the area. Some want modern mountain homes with open spaces and floor to ceiling windows so they can enjoy the view, while others prefer a traditional type of mountain home. We can create rustic mountain homes with the same sustainability as a modern design.

Sustainable homes are becoming the new normal, as advances in technology become better. At Centre Sky Architecture, our team can design a mountain home that minimizes adverse environmental effects. We do this through materials, design, and the use of energy while having ecological conservation at the forefront. Solar panels and other renewable energy generation can be used to ensure you always have electricity to run your mountain home. We also use particular types of materials and insulation, as well as the actual design of the property to ensure sustainability. Mountain homes bear the brunt of the harsh winters and must be able to withstand that, all while providing you and your family with a safe space.

Centre Sky Architecture is here to design your next mountain home to fit your lifestyle needs. From busy families to relaxing vacation properties, our team has a design that is perfect for you!

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