T235 – Telluride Colorado Architect – Centre Sky Architecture

The renderings pictured above are of our current project named ‘T253’ and is located in the Mountain Village in Telluride, Colorado. This home is taking the more modern mountain architecture aesthetic with the mix of steel structure and timbers, as well as metal roof, siding and accents on chimney stacks.

What we call glazing is glass windows, another aspect of modern is to have a lot of glass and to bring the exterior into the interior of the home. The floor plans really show the spines of stone that you can get hints at on the exterior but while you are inside you will notice the continuous stone wall features that are main structural spines in the project and layout.

[CLICK HERE] and stay tuned for more sketches of details and such on this project done by Jamie.

[CLICK HERE] to see the 3D digital model Ben has created for presentation to really get a grasp at the scale of this project.

Telluride Colorado Architect _ Centre Sky Architecture _ Jamie Daugaard





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