T253 , Schematic Sketches – Colorado Architect , Jamie Daugaard

‘T253’ is going to be a ski-in-ski-out residence in Telluride, CO. This project gets us very excited with our client having the itch for the modern mountain architecture that is starting to be seen a lot more. By modern, we mean lots of glazing (windows), mono-sloping roofs, cleaner lines, the use of metal and steel and so forth.

Below are some study sketches of elevations to begin to develop and design the material pallete and structural details.

1. Garage Door Elevation

This is a close up study of the possibly garage beam work with the material pallette. The Garage doors are a black metal in this study.





2. Side Garage Elevation 

This sketch study shows tho mono-sloping roof over the garage being vegetated. There would be a metal finished pop-out of the master bathroom above with an assymetrical modern window application.





3. Sunroom and Bridge Elevation 

Jamie started to study with color and the use of black steel, rusted siding and rusted roofing – seems like it can be a neat combination with the timber columns and steel separating the windows.





4.  Boys Bunk Room Elevation

This is one study on the materiality of the this elevation with rusting standing seem metal and gay verticle plank wood siding.

We are going to look at a steel shingle for the dormer area for a future study.






Colorado Architect _ Jamie Daugaard _ Centre Sky Architecture