Telluride Lot 253 – Telluride, Colorado Architect – Jamie Daugaard

Telluride Lot 253 or ‘T253’ as we call it, is in the schematic design stage as we try and encompass views and fit within a somewhat challening steep and smaller lot than what we work with usually. We are very excited to continue work in Telluride.

This home is going to be on the more ‘Mountain Contemporary’ side with lots of glazing (windows) and monoslope roofs. Another reason to why we are very excited to show what we can do with this aesthetic.

The owner is a fan of the bridge work we have previously done, we are going to have two exterior bridges connecting a junior suite and one connecting the garage and mudroom, there will be one interior bridge that you walk under at the entry that leads solely to the master bedroom on the upper level.

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