The 19th – Construction has Commenced – Big Sky Montana Architect

The 19th is our current project in Big Sky located at the Big Sky Golf Course, walking distance to the club house. You can see the dirt work of the start of excavation in the image above, golf parking is what you see to the right of the image.

These one-of-a-kind town homes are utilizing sustainability and contemporary architectural forms and introducing the new and up to date aesthetic of architecture that Mountain architecture is currently taking a turn to.

These homes use a combination of mono-sloping roofs and gables to not fully lose the Big Sky Mountain aesthetic presently existing and to create the gradual up-to-date architectural design.

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The advertisement below was printed in the Big Sky Weekly Magazine and has additional information if you are interested in hearing more about this project from the purchasing stand point.

Centre Sky Architecture _ Jamie Daugaard _ Big Sky Montana Architect