The Evolution of Mountain Architecture

Computer rendered image of mountain home design

Centre Sky Architecture specializes in sustainable mountain architecture for homes and vacation properties. We love to discuss the origins and evolution of different types of architecture. Today we will be discussing mountain architecture and our take on the evolution of the once rustic only design.

Mountain architecture originated from people who built structures from the materials they had available in untamed mountains country. This generally meant native materials like unmilled logs, natural stone, and rough timber. This rustic look became very popular as more polished materials became available. As milled logs and polished stone became available, the architectural design also changed. Mountain architecture has always been designed to look as if the property is part of the land. This is one of the things that makes mountain architecture so popular. The homes look as if they belong along the beautiful mountains.

As time has passed, mountain architecture has evolved and adapted to the ever-changing times. Today, we are more environmentally conscious. With that in mind, we design more modern and sustainable architecture. We still use strong enough materials to withstand the harsh elements of the mountains, but not all mountain homes are rustic log cabins. We love to design rustic mountain properties but also enjoy modern mountain home designs.

Modern mountain homes often have floor-to-ceiling windows and balconies to enjoy the beautiful mountain views. Many often enjoy open floor plans that bring families together and contemporary brick and siding. Solar panels are also used in many mountain homes to ensure the property always has electricity, even during severe snowstorms. If you are looking to design a mountain property, let us help you with the process. Our team of architects love mountain architecture and continues to design modern and sustainable properties for our clients.

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