Tuscan Farm Design Process – Big Sky Montana Architect – Jamie Daugaard

Tuscan Farm is a residence in Big Sky Montana . It is one of our complete projects and we would like to share with you some of the process from digital, to physical to the completed photos to see how a design goes from digital to real.

1. Digital Model: this model helped us to relate the structure to the site and views, along with explore the exterior materials, rooflines and forms and how they all work together as one.

[CLICK HERE] to watch the animated video of this digital model.


2. Physical Model: these are used to present to Review Boards or done for clients upon request. They are 3D digitally printed with our 3D printing machine. It is a white powder that you can compare to baking soda or flour that sticks to an adhesive gel that prints out in layers. It builds up from bottom up in the layers and as the gel and flour combine, they harden.

These are very fragile models yet extremely hard to resists touching!

 3. Completed Photos:

[CLICK HERE] to read more and see more completed photos of this project.


 Big Sky Montana Architect _ Jamie Daugaard _ Centre Sky Architecture, Ltd.





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