Tuscan Farm Sketches – Big Sky Montana Architect – Jamie Daugaard

Tuscan Farm is a residence in Big Sky , Montana designed by local Big Sky Architect Jamie Daugaard the principal architect of Centre Sky Architecture , ltd. This home was designed with the aesthetic of ‘Mountain Tuscan’ it is the great merge of Tuscan and Mountain architeture, that gives you the rustic, bold and big Mountain architectural elements with timbers and steel connects with the materiality and simple forms of Tuscan.

Below are sketches and comparison images done by Jamie to give you an insight in how Jamie starts to design and think about projects down to every detail. It is pretty amazing watching these sketches come to life like the steel connection around the timbers seen in the image below.


The sketches below are more studys done by Jame that help to compose the exterior materials, window layouts, roof forms and stuctural details.

[CLICK HERE] to read more about this project and to see all the completed photos.


Big Sky Montana Architect _ Jamie Daugaard _ Centre Sky Architect, Ltd.