When Should I Start The Design Process Of My Next Property?

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Deciding you want to build a new home is just the beginning of a rollercoaster of excitement and stress. The next step after deciding to start your building journey is the design process. Architectural design for a property is the first step in making your dream home a reality. It is important to find an architecture company that you like and feel comfortable with because you will be working closely with them for many months to come. Most people wishing to build do not want a cookie-cutter-type home. They want something unique that is designed explicitly for them.

At Centre Sky Architecture, we get a lot of questions about when the best time to start the design process is. We generally tell people that the best time is after they have decided they are ready to build. Architectural design is a process that can be quite lengthy, depending on what the client wishes. We see many people choosing to start the process in the Spring, but the colder months are a great time to get a jump on designing your next property. Construction generally is halted during the Winter months, so it is a great time to begin your process with the design company.

Designing your home is a rewarding experience that you eventually see come to life in front of your eyes. Your architect will discuss many options with you, including the type of home you wish to have and if you would like it to be sustainable. Many people love the idea of a “green” home, and at Centre Sky Architecture we embrace sustainable architecture. We work to create contemporary and rustic properties for first, second, and vacation homes in and around Utah. We love mountain architecture and flourish in designing for that environment. If you are looking to start the process, now is the perfect time to have a meeting and begin the designing phase!

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