Whitefish MT Parkitecture Custom Home

Jamie, principle architect for Centre Sky Architecture, did an extensive site visit to Great Northern Lodge (GNL) last week.  This is one of our custom homes currently under construction in Whitefish, MT.  We are so excited to see this project completed.  It uniquely stands apart from most structures as it displays Parkitecture style stone lay up, secret passage ways, dignified interiors, and a grandness that cannot be competed with.

The stone and slate roofing is what really sets this home apart from anything we have seen. The entire quarry was purchased to wrap every exterior to most of the interior walls. The purple hue we get in this stone is what makes it so unique and nothing that we have ever seen.  GNL is situated near Glacier National Park and is truly a dream place to live.  We are so proud to have been chosen to create the dream home for this location.

CLICK HERE to see the original illustrations done by the hand of Ken Harvey. You can compare how truly talented and helpful these illustrations are to know exactly what you are getting with our firm.

Jamie Daugaard _ Great Northern Lodge | Whitefish, Montana _ Centre Sky Architecture



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