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We always research products and stay up to date with the new and improved thanks to our friends at Montana Sash and Door in Bozeman. They helped us out in researching a thermally broken stainless steel window for our project in Telluride, Colorado.

[CLICK HERE] to see the final renderings and learn more about this project.

What we found with this specific Architectural Traditions steel window:

  • Opening mechanism was smooth, the interior sash was not cluttered and was mostly black to blend with the frame and it had a great simple frame and thin profiles.
  • The deep toothy black color would go well with our board formed concrete walls and gray ship lapped board siding.
  • Overall a nice clean-line look for a contemporary up to date look, in which is where a lot of architecture is leading towards.


Centre Sky Architecture _ Big Sky Architect _ Jamie Daugaard

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