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YC Lot 31 is one of our current projects in the Yellowstone Club located in Big Sky Montana. Our goal in this project was to basically ‘re-skin’ the exterior to update the aesthetic and play off of the re-designed interior with very dark timber log beams that extend from interior to exterior. We have been working with John at Big Sky Build to develop and collaborate on these studies.

Kelsey and Sten have collaborated and created many of these studies on this and have finally found a solution that really brings the house together and gives it what we like to call ‘poise’ and ‘presence’. We are currently moving forward with the study shown above with vertical gray siding and some type of contrasting tone of shingle (Vertical WD Siding Beveled into a Shake Pictured below in the gable peak is one we are looking into) in the gable peak ends. We will then do a patina metal panel as an accent on the chimney stacks and possibly in other special locations as we go further into all the elevations.

Additional exterior elements such as the trellis in front of the third garage bay to the right is other elements that we will continue to study to add architectural details that either break up a vertical wall yet not distract from the formal entry for example.


The before and after picture above is definitely amazing to see, it is truly not just the architectural forms and roof structure that can make or break a home, it goes all the way down to the finish and details, which is why our firm stresses to design down to every connection. This in the long run creates every home to be unique to every design and clients needs, which is why we just love our jobs!

Stay tuned for more elevation studies!

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