YC Ranch #2 – Big Sky Architect – Jamie Daugaard

This color sketch done by Big Sky Architect Jamie Daugaard , this was of a project called YC Ranch #2 and helped us to portray our ideas of aesthetic and unique/custom structural elements and ties.

Yellowstone Club Ranch #2 is a project that undulated with the land and has terraced floor levels to tie in with the existing landscape directly surrounding the structure.  One of the main items is the Guest Wing that is detached and is set being surrounded by a man made pond.  This Guest Wing also serves as one of the book ends of the overall form and on the other side a steel shower cylinder directly off of the Master Suite.

Steel, Log, Timber, Steel, and Stone are the major material components for Yellowstone Club Ranch #2 with Parkitecture stone layup that is an icon of National Parks structures of having a larger stone base at the bottom and decreasing in width as the stone rises up the wall.  From the stone log columns rise up to support the log and timber beam work. Patinated Steel will accent certain wall areas of the structure for accents and creating a further contemporary look in a rustic body.

[CLICK HERE] to read more about this project and to see the color rendering done by Ken Harvey.


Big Sky Architect _ Jamie Daugaard _ Centre Sky Architecture





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