Yellowstone Club Remodel, Lot 31 – Big Sky, MT

Yellowstone Club Remodel – Lot 31 or what we call ‘YC31’ is about to finalize it’s completion of our exterior remodel.

We basically ‘re-skinned’ the project, replacing exterior siding, trim and deck railings. We decided to go with a rustic look to fit within the YC aesthetic guidelines, but also added some accents of steel siding with a copper like patina color to contrast this weathered body.

The images above represent the before and after outcome, it is amazing how a simple re-skin can completely change the feeling and aesthetic of a structure.

Other areas we revised were staining exposed structure such as knee braces, beams and rafter tails, these were stained dark to reflect the interior exposed structure remodel elements. We also added a trellis element over the third garage bay to give the entry façade more depth, character and texture.

Big Sky Build, Inc. has been doing a great job with this project and we truly enjoyed this entire process. We hope you enjoy as well!

Big Sky Montana Architects – Centre Sky Architecture – Jamie Daugaard

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